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What is Biokinesis?

What is Biokinesis?

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BioKinesis: Super power of Mind to Body

Dakota Johnson

melanin level in human eyes

Biokinesis is to use the power of the mind to change physical aspects such as color of eyes, hair color and shape it, grow or make disappear or be high etc. To do this, you need to meditate during a period to a level which you control your thoughts and relax your mind. there is very little information about it on the web, because biokinesis is confused with a trick that uses contact lenses which have nothing to do with this.

Jack Reynor

Biokinesis is a practice that you can change your DNA, it is possible with hypnosis and meditation, You can change physical features its by others that you like such as: blue eyes, red hair, white skin, have freckles on the face, the smooth hair etc. .. Use subliminal messages enigmatic in the form of audio or a quick sentence in video in which your conscious does not understand but your subconscious believes.

Terry Farrell

The results of the meditation of Biokinesis lead from 1 month to 6 months because the mind is individual if you have brown eyes dark and either have them blue or baby blue will take 3 months to 6 months for this complete change.

It is necessary to make every day, and you'll need time patience and effort. To practice Biokinesis you need to listen to an audio subliminal or a subliminal image with subliminal messages.
Sounds of water, piano and music and everything that is considerable relaxing is plausible at the time to imagine the transformation. It is important to remember that not everyone is able to, because they cannot control the mind and relax and it is very difficult to enter into an agreement.

Kristina Pimenova

But ... what is the secret to achieving the results?

 The Secret is the belief, it is the faith that does not doubt or questions, but one that really felt with emotion and feeling, without faith or belief not we as people, because we have something called Subconscious that creates our reality on the basis of the experiences that we've had in this plan that we call "reality" if it were not our 5 senses do not know how this is really the world, or we think it is.
 Open the mind my friends to quantum physics is there to prove things that until then were seen as "science Fiction" or "Illusion", are now making much more sense than the physics of Newton had.

"The Biokinesis is real because nothing is solid in this world, then the mind is the absolute power of ourselves, we are our own heaven and hell, our words can change our DNA and Destination."

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Biokinesis Origin:

One of the places that may have arisen at Vitakinesis / Biokinesis would be: India, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece or China, may also have its discovery in Mesopotamia, however India is the most likely place.

Meg Foster - Super light blue eyes

Amazing Black Girl with real Blue Eyes:

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