Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What is Biokinesis?

What is Biokinesis?

All images shown in this post are merely illustrative.

BioKinesis: Super power of Mind to Body

Dakota Johnson

melanin level in human eyes

Biokinesis is to use the power of the mind to change physical aspects such as color of eyes, hair color and shape it, grow or make disappear or be high etc. To do this, you need to meditate during a period to a level which you control your thoughts and relax your mind. there is very little information about it on the web, because biokinesis is confused with a trick that uses contact lenses which have nothing to do with this.

Jack Reynor

Biokinesis is a practice that you can change your DNA, it is possible with hypnosis and meditation, You can change physical features its by others that you like such as: blue eyes, red hair, white skin, have freckles on the face, the smooth hair etc. .. Use subliminal messages enigmatic in the form of audio or a quick sentence in video in which your conscious does not understand but your subconscious believes.

Terry Farrell

The results of the meditation of Biokinesis lead from 1 month to 6 months because the mind is individual if you have brown eyes dark and either have them blue or baby blue will take 3 months to 6 months for this complete change.

It is necessary to make every day, and you'll need time patience and effort. To practice Biokinesis you need to listen to an audio subliminal or a subliminal image with subliminal messages. Sounds of water, piano and music and everything that is considerable relaxing is plausible at the time to imagine the transformation. It is important to remember that not everyone is able to, because they cannot control the mind and relax and it is very difficult to enter into an agreement.

But ... what is the secret to achieving the results?

 The Secret is the belief, it is the faith that does not doubt or questions, but one that really felt with emotion and feeling, without faith or belief not we as people, because we have something called Subconscious that creates our reality on the basis of the experiences that we've had in this plan that we call "reality" if it were not our 5 senses do not know how this is really the world, or we think it is.
 Open the mind my friends to quantum physics is there to prove things that until then were seen as "science Fiction" or "Illusion", are now making much more sense than the physics of Newton had.

"The Biokinesis is real because nothing is solid in this world, then the mind is the absolute power of ourselves, we are our own heaven and hell, our words can change our DNA and Destination."

Meg Foster - Super light blue eyes

Amazing Black Girl with real Blue Eyes:

Video's below to change the eye color to blue:

Video in english created by me

Video in english created by me

Light blue

Video in Spanish created by me 

Video in French created by me

Video in Russian created by me


Anonymous said...

Sí, quería saber si el audio que se escucha de fondo tiene que ver con ésto, ¿o es solo la imagen la que cambia el color de los ojos?
Porque estoy escuchando una audio para cambiar mis ojos de color a azules y me dijeron que solamente tengo que escuchar ése audio, y ningún otro.

Anonymous said...

If you want to learn more about biokinesis you should check out this article: http://mind-superpowers.com/2015/07/31/biokinesis/

Fabricio said...

Hello Wespop, call me Sitri, i live in Brazil, 18 Years old.
In this last Month, many things happened with me .. i think, and the situation become real.

Well .. Really need help. Nobody around me can understand.

I learned speed reading, and got access to the information of my english course.

I can the vibrations and details of the tihings.

Every desire that i had when children, it`s become true.

I almost dont feel things negative feelings anymore.

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Amreen Ansari said...

Can I wear my spectacles during watching

Anonymous said...

Hi there! Are the results permanent? For any eye colour?

Vivek Malviya said...
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Unknown said...

What's the warning for if u do look in the mirror after the "spell"? No " results" or something bad?? Also what's the difference...is the spell progressive or does it work after that day is up? If it does work quicker...then why bother with the progressive videos?

Anonymous said...

Just a question, if you use all the videos, what will happen? will it confuse your subconsciousness or something? or will you get multicolored eyes?

Anonymous said...

Deez nuts goteem

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

Is it possible to use this technique to help change body shape? If so, can you point me to where I can find specific information about this?
Or could it be possible to make meditation video specifically for changing body shape?
Looking forward to your answer.

Anonymous said...

It really works

UnknownAngel said...


Drunk Illuminati said...


Drunk Illuminati said...


loli Shu said...

Can I look at a picture of a specific person to change my body to be like the one in the picture ?

Anonymous said...

We can hear all audio within a day, for example. audio to change the eye color, then listen to an hour to hear something more all within one day affect everyone

Anonymous said...

RESULts will apear to everyone or its just for u?

Anonymous said...

Change eyes colour to red can be worked or not?

Anonymous said...

Do the results appear to everyone or just you?

BloodLegend said...

Youtube Matrixplay99 everything works: The mind is a powerful weapon. Make sure to download everything you need before the government deletes it all

Anonymous said...

Hello :D
I have a question
Is it possible to decrease your height or become shorter using this method?


Anonymous said...

is there any side effects!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

Well, I didn't read the warning, that said not to look into the mirror. So right after, I looked into the mirror. Gowing towards the mirror I got some kind of fear of what I was going to see. I got REALLY scared for some reason and didn't dare to look. At the end, I did look, I saw no change and I was relieved.

That fear of what you are going to see, especially for the eyes... horrible

Anonymous said...

I have brown eyes.. I want dark blue eyes is possible

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

I think so

L said...

It work if I don't understand Spanish or English?

Anonymous said...

Does this method work on black people? And do I needs to concentrate hard or just concentrate on the video?

Unknown said...

Who cares, you could change it back :D

Robert Bornschein said...

You are not to look into the mirror, as your consciousness now thinks it wont work, therefore youre only making it harder for you to avhieve.

Anonymous said...

...please just answer cause black people only have one type of eye colour so please.

Unknown said...

No man..i don't think itz written somewhere that quantum physics doesn't work on black people.. it's d same for everyone..right??

Poonam Roy said...

N..yup i haave seen people with green & blue eyes.. so i'm pretty sure it'll work for u 2

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it can work on black people, as they have only brown or black eyes as a possibility. Doesn't Biokinesis rely also on recessive genes not being expressed and by hypnosis you can make them be expressed? Meaning, pure black people (ones that don't have any white ancestor genes) don't have any revessive "white" genes allowing them to have the possibility for colored eyes.

Anonymous said...

black people have many eye colors "pure" or not they come in all shapes sizes and shades "pure" or not race isnt how pigmentation and all that jazz works its more complex than that

Person lol said...

Is this permanent Someone please answer

Ayesha Sami said...

Which time iz suitable for this plzz tell me and can i blink my eyes during the video..?

Doctor Icarus Flemming of BiokinesisWORKS.com said...

You can't blink during the video also you can not blink for one hour after watching the video. If you even kind of blink during the 3 min video or at all during the one hour after, you will reset the clock on changing your eye color. It will also shrink your penis by a inch and if you don't have a penis you will grow one. DO NOT BLINK

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James Jones said...

Can you give an example of cognitive psychology being expressed in movies or television?
subliminal sounds

Unknown said...

I have an unusual color for my eyes but reading this has explained the color. If you look up gray eyes you don't see any dark gray eyes. The blue eyes mutation has a set pattern involving small lines of gold with green. But I brealy have any gold in my eyes. The power of the mind is amazing.

Unknown said...

I want to know how much time is necessary for visualization.i mean 10 mints or more then that ???plz tell me plz i am doing this for 10 mints .

yomna eltety said...

Please someone tell me does it have any side effects cause i'm using it and i have very sensitive eyes and i'm wearing glases (very poor eyes D": ) .. and yes it did change my eye color .. my eyes were Brown and i Want amber hazel and blue so the outer circle in my eyes got darker and i have light brown spots now .. so please tell me if it has any side effects ( i listen to it an hour aday like 6 times )

Anonymous said...

Can you please share your method...the one with which you practice Biokinesis. ..please. ..I am confused

How to perform it..

Hoping for your reply. ..
Thank you.

thiruvengadavan winsols said...

i`m 28 ears old is this possible to grow taller, because i`m 5.3 ft tall. Since i`, searching lot of things to grew, but no use. plz answer me it is possible or not.

Unknown said...

My hair actually changed color. Now I am working on my eyes...

Anonymous said...

I can understand making up stories when money is involved but seriously when are people going to realise spreading fake science and other such nonsense is highly unethical and very bad for peoples mental health. You should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

Mints are well known for their laxative content so I wouldn't have that many if I were you.

Anonymous said...

Look up confirmation bias for the best method and check your temperature for signs of illness. If that doesn't work I highly recommend therapy and some contact lenses.

Anonymous said...

Just for you, but only if you watch it long enough until you hear voices.

Anonymous said...

If you look in the mirror it won't work... Do you realise this is a gullibility test?

Anonymous said...

Gullibility isn't permanent no, with the right help anybody can use google.

Anonymous said...

Yes. About half way through you might start blushing for allowing yourself to be duped.

Anonymous said...

Quantum physics! Lmfao. There is no physics here, nm quantum physics. It wouldn't even be related to physics if it was real. Research is not hard.

Saee Joshi said...

What do you mean hear voices.? Do you lose control of what you hear too?

Unknown said...

Franch: Esque je ne dois pas écouté d'la musique pendant les 6 mois a venir (pendant le changement de la couleur des yuex) ou en peu écouté
English:chould I do not have to listen to the music during the 6 months to come (during the change of the color of the yuex) or just listened to

Unknown said...

can you give any one contact number
to ask about that

vighesh kumar said...

how did you do that
reply me please

jason vandenboom said...

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Unknown said...

How far can you go with biokinesis? For example, can you increase speed, strength, muscle or metabolism? Can you maybe even change your gender (Just curious :D)

Unknown said...

Hi..I know that biokinises are real but I just wanned to know that how does this whole color changing process work? I have dark brown eye and I want light blue/gray eye. I was practicing biokinises and its been a week and finally my eyes stars to lighten. But do you think I will get my desire eye color just by lisining subliminal or I have to wach some sort if tuff?

Unknown said...


kaiven 00077112 said...

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Anonymous said...

There are no voices dont be fooled!

jeffrey leon said...

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Bliss Grey said...

How do you change your hair colour?
Also do you have to listen to this audio?
Is there any other way of doing biokinesis?

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Anonymous said...

I have a question, is this process halal? Since it only involves our subconsciousness so I think it is but I am not so sure, I really want to change my eye color but at the same time I don't want to upset my creator so idk