Thursday, April 17, 2014

Adele New Album 2014? - Maybe

Adele - New Album 2014? - Maybe

It seems to lie but Adele would be sleepless nights, writing new songs for her new album. In addition, Adele would be pressed to launch the album soon and do a tour then, but that the major means of media does not comment, because we all know that Adele turned the goose that lays the golden eggs after 21 causing the greatest artist of 2010's
 The entrepreneurs of Adele want too see your album in launching as soon as well as the first single called "I Wish You" which of course would be at the top of the charts British and American quickly because Adele is now an international artist like Madonna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga; his name is already powerful enough in the world of music and this generates ever more pressure on an artist.
 Adele however whether you devote to the son be a mother present something that is difficult to be a folk singer is not by chance that Adele is exposing yourself too much after his son she was sensitive to the exposure of small Angelo James.


Who Is The New Album Of Madonna?

Who Is The New Album Of Madonna?


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